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Good bread does not need many ingredients. Do you often wonder when
you see the vast range of ingredients on the back side of supermarket bread?

Old traditional recipes and the experience that Meinolf has gained as a baker in 40 years guarantees the highest quality. The secret of quality is to allow the dough to have more time for fermentation.  Our sourdough is made fresh daily in store. Good bread needs: Flour, sourdough, water, salt and a little bit of fresh yeast. Combined with slow baking, to get the real taste & aromatic flavor of German bread - the true best bread in the world. Don't just trust our word, try it for yourself.


Who are We?

Diehl's Bakery is bringing traditional German sourdough baking to NZ. We offer a wide range of hand-made sourdough breads as well as sweet and savory snacks you won't want to miss out on. We might be biased, but it's no secret we also offer the best German Bretzel in Auckland. So whether you are a European wanting a taste of home or in search of awesome bread, we're here for you.

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Find Us

65 Hillside Rd
Glenfield, Auckland, 0627
New Zealand

Wednesday - Friday
7am - 3pm
7am - 1pm

Phone:          09 443 7992

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Meinolf Kraeling

Master Baker

Meinolf grew up in a baking family and was only 15 years old he start working as a baker. At 23, he had earned the title of master baker and would go on to take over the family business which he ran successfully for 25 years. In 2013 he and his brother Werner Kräling, a well-known author in the baking industry, wrote a book together which went on to win critical aclaim. In 2014, Meinolf and his wife came to NewZealand after falling in love with the country on a holiday a few years earlier. In 2017, Meinolf took over Diehl's Bakery on the North shore and has taken great pride to add to and improve the bakery's exisiting range. His lives and bakes by his slogan: Baking with knowledge, experience and  passion every day, to get the highest quality.



Pastry chef

Susan is the newest member of our team and originally from Indonesia to New Zealand with her family in 2015. She gained experience in the catering industry in 5 star hotels. Susan has a natural talent and passion for baking. Her specialities are baking cheese cake and cheese sticks - you should definitely try them!


Baker and

Sales manager

Tommy has been working at Diehl´s Bakery for more than 6 years. He is originally from Korea and has lived in New Zealand man years with his family. Baking bread and Bretzel is his speciality and he takes great pride to do this to the highest quality. Tommy often helps in the shop where his friendliness is appreciated and loved by our customers so come and say